Looking back now, it seems strange to think that there was a time when people weren't sure if Die Hard was going to be a hit. Bruce Willis was a television star looking to make a jump to the big screen (which doesn't always work out -- just ask David Caruso ... ) and it was a summer action movie with a Christmas setting. Of course, we all know how things turned out -- Willis went on to become a huge box office draw and Die Hard turned into a franchise with four films completed and a fifth potentially on the way. The original is still the best -- filled with unforgettable characters and classic scenes.

Die Hard may be a film known for its over-the-top action and witty one-liners, but one of my favorite scenes is the complete opposite. Willis' cop character John McClane is running around the Nakatomi Building, which has been taken over by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman. Huzzah!) and his band of Euro-thieves. Gruber would probably be content to let McClane run around uncaptured if not for one thing: McClane has his detonators. Gruber's plan involves blowing up the roof of the Nakatomi Building with lots of C-4 explosives, but it won't work if he doesn't have the devices to trigger the explosions. McClane comes into possession of them early in the film when he kills the terrorist/thief who was responsible for carrying them. What follows is a tense game of cat-and-mouse between the suave criminal and the street-smart cop.