Tim Burton, king of avoiding original film properties like the plague, is circling another comic book source for his next money-maker, the Japanese manga Mai, The Psychic Girl. According to Latino Review, this is a property that Burton has been trying to get off the ground since the late 1980s. The reason Burton is back at it is because he was only recently able to snag the rights away from Sony.

Mai tells the story of a teenage girl with vast psychic abilities, on the run from an organization bent on world domination. It sounds like a bit of a departure for Burton, lacking the gothic cartoony-ness the director usually gravitates toward. I've never read the manga, but I'm interested to know what elements of the comic have compelled Burton to pursue the series for so long.

At the very least, Mai, The Psychic Girl should have a smoother transition to the big screen in the hands of a director like Burton than its manga-to-movie predecessors like Dragonball Evolution.
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