People liked the Transformers movies for two reasons. They are as follows.

1. Robots and explosions and special effects and oh-my-God-it's-Optimus-Prime-nostalgia-is-rearing-up-in-my-icy-soul-ohmygod.

2. "Oh man, Megan Fox is hawt!"

One of those two reasons has left the equation. Megan Fox will not be taking part in the third incomprehensible "Robots Turn Into Cars And Punch Each Other For Reasons That Are Never Quite Clear" movie. The initial reports indicated that she was fired, possibly because she compared director Michael Bay to Hitler while promoting Jennifer's Body some time ago. Drew McWeeny over at Hitfix, though, claims she left of her own accord.

Did she choose to leave? Why did she choose to leave? Was she really fired and his publicists are trying to cover for her? Are her 15 Minutes finally up? What's going to become of Megan Fox? Oh Movie News, I love it when you go all soap opera on me.
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