Australian horror film The Outbackwas originally known as Prey -- which was a better title, because the new one makes me think of steakhouses for some reason...

Dread Central has posted a new trailer for the flick, which finds three couples (one American, two Australian) who set out for a weekend trip to the outback and run afoul of some crazy looking aborigine and an ancient curse (is there any other kind?). The film stars Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Ben Kermode, Jesse Johnson, Natalie Walker, Christian Clark, and Kristin Sargent.

It's hard to get too much of a feel for the film from this brief clip (but you know it's Australian because they were nice enough to include some didgeridoo music in the very opening. There would have been no doubt as to the setting at all if they'd included a shot of a kangaroo hopping past a koala...), but I guess it looks sort of okay. Pretty much your standard "people go to an isolated location and bad things happen" kind of film.

I guess we'll all find out of it's good or not when the film makes its DVD debut this July. In the meantime, jump past the break for a look at the trailer.
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