Spider-Man 3
, Directed by Sam Raimi, 2007

Like so many other movie geeks, I saw Spider-Man 3 on opening day in the summer of 2007. I vividly remember not hating it. Sure, it was not nearly as good as Spider-Man 2, but could we seriously expect every sequel to top its predecessor? Entry three was surely on the same level as the uneven but fun first film.

I remember the toxic online reaction to the film. I remember the complaints about the too-crowded story, the shoehorning of Venom and most of all, the dance scenes. Two dance scenes. A Spider-Man movie with not one, but two dance scenes. An outrage! An outrage to end all outrages!

That's why I avoided re-watching Spider-Man 3 since that opening day. I didn't want that bitter taste in my mouth. Then I saw the Spider-Man 3 Blu-Ray for $5, sitting used and alone, abandoned and unwanted. So I picked it up and finally gave it a second spin.

And you know what? It's still not bad.
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