Celeb Sightings:
Spider-Man co-stars James Franco and Kirsten Dunst were reunited while screening their short films (The Clerk's Tale and Bastard, respectively) at the fest. Should we start the rumor they're dating to take the heat off Ryan and Michelle? The headline "Kate Beckinsale Loses Earring to Breasts" tells you all you need to know about these photos. Speaking of Beckinsale, she's made Vulture's list of the loopiest red carpet dresses of the fest. Somehow they missed Rachel Bilson's tuxedo thingamajig. This is what Chris Tucker looks like now? Valerie Plame and Naomi Watts, who plays her in Fair Game, go do the red carpet cheek to cheek.

Our Coverage: About Fair Game, Joe Utichi writes,"It's mature, smart and engaging and, critically, strikes a new tone for Liman's work, suggesting he's got plenty of versatility ... may not be a perfect film, if it's a statement of intent then there could be plenty of exciting things in his future."

Deals:IFC took Kiarostami's Certified Copyas its second buy of the fest, while Magnolia's Magnet Releasing branch picked up U.S. rights to the killer tire movie Rubber. Mike Fleming at Deadlineadmittedly too easily jokes that the market is "flat" and "tired" given that Rubber is the biggest buy of the day.
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