As much fun as a catfight between Jessica Biel and Mila Kunis would be, the only time Biel's boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, is making time with Kunis is on set.

Bummer though that may be, the big news is that the title for the pair's big screen romp, 'Friends With Benefits,' has been given the all-clear by Paramount. Seems that both Screen Gems (the studio behind the Timberlake/Kunis film) and Paramount were working on films called 'Friends with Benefits' and that Paramount, whose 'Friends' movie is being directed by Ivan Reitman and stars Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Kline, had lodged a complaint about it. (For the record, the film, which finds Kutcher hopelessly devoted to Portman, was originally called 'F*** Buddies' but then changed to be more multiplex-friendly.)
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