Another day, another post where I talk about the work of Brad Anderson. This week on the Horror Squad Movie Club it's The Machinist, which is special for a couple of reasons. First, up until a week ago it was the only Brad Anderson horror venture I had yet to see. For me this was an issue since he only has three horror features and one short film (Sounds Like), so there was no real reason for me to have waited so long to see it. Second, it's the only Brad Anderson horror film he did not write. It was instead composed by Texas Chainsaw Massacre redux scribe Scott Kosar, who wrote it while in graduate school at UCLA.

That last part is important. The Machinist is the only film I have seen with Anderson behind the lens that I have no absolutely fallen in love with. While the direction is superb and the film is incredibly tense, I felt the story to be lacking, using common horror tropes to fool the viewer and ultimately delivering an incredibly lackluster ending. And this is the main reason I have selected the film as this weekend's Movie Club pick. I hope that, after the weekend has passed and you all have had a chance to watch it, someone will point out where I went wrong with my opinion of the film. I'm sure we've all watched a movie we didn't like on first viewing but opened up to later, so I'm hoping the Horror Squad hive mind can help me see the error of my ways and keep my Brad Anderson street cred alive and well.

Tune in Monday for what I hope will be a wonderful discussion.
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