Some of my favorite memories of summer, whether as a child or as an adult, involve seeing the season's best movie releases. At 33, I can still recall the excitement of waiting in line with my brothers to see 'Batman' when I was 12 years old, and chances are high that your media-savvy kids, tweens or teens are also dying to see this summer's blockbusters.

The problem, of course, is that whether you have one or multiple children, it's difficult to manage all of the requests for movie outings. Of course your 13-year-old daughter wants to see 'Eclipse,' but what about your 8-year-old? And just because your under-10 kids love talking animals and want to see 'Cats & Dogs 2' or animated sequels like 'Shrek Forever After,' your teens are likely too old (or at least think they're too old) for some of those offerings.

So what's a busy parent to do? Here are three tips for managing summer-movie mania.