That Amanda Seyfried loves to tease the press, and we love her for it. The gorgeous starlet told MTV who she'd ideally like to join the sexy cast of Catherine Hardwicke's "not another Twilight" flick, Red Riding Hood, and that his initials are VC. It doesn't take a scientist -- only a movie nerd -- to figure out that it's entirely possible that VC stands for Vincent Cassel, whose known best for playing bad guys in films like Eastern Promises and Oceans Twelve and Thirteen.

Fans of French cinema will recognize him as the lead creep in the horror film Sheitan and Brotherhood of the Wolf, which is about, you guessed it, werewolves. He's also attached to play the villainous lead in Fantomas alongside Jean Reno, directed by Silent Hill's Christopher Gans and planned for 3D.

So even though Cassel's slate is looking rather full -- he's currently filming Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method and the Satanic horror flick The Monk is also supposed to be done by July, according to The Playlist -- it looks like Seyfried just blew up his spot. "The wolf is the enemy and it's a very, very dangerous enemy and nobody knows who the wolf is. So it's a hunt and it's really cool," she told MTV Movies at a press day for Letters to Juliet. Seyfried says that the cast will include "Gary Oldman, Julie Christie. It's definitely Max Irons to play my fiancé and Shiloh Fernandez to play my lover." Any one of those super-hot stars would arouse suspicion among villagers, if you ask me.

Personally, the more I hear about Red Riding Hood, the more interested I am. It sounds like it will be more in the vein of the old spooky fairy tales, not the Disney-fied ones, and I'm looking forward to it. What do you think?
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