Under the Mountain may not be a recognizable title to us in the States, but it's an insanely popular fantasy novel for young adults in its native New Zealand. Last year Jonathan King, director of the 2006 killer sheep film Black Sheep, adapted a film version starring Sam Neil that was quite beloved in its corner of the world, but unless you're a film fest junkie, options to see it here in the States have been incredibly limited. Until now, that is. Lionsgate have just announced that they'll be putting the Lovecraft-for-kids film out on DVD this August 10th.

I was fortunate enough to catch Under the Mountainlast September at Fantastic Fest and came away pleasantly surprised. It's hardly a masterpiece, and I think adults may not be as enthused with it as teenagers and below will be, but it's the kind of darker kids fantasy film I wish I had growing up. Plus, Sam Neil in a fantasy film is always a welcome thing.

Check out the official synopsis and trailer below, thanks to Dread Central.
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