Just over a year ago, word hit that New Line and the De Laurentiises were gearing up for a big-screen adventure for '80s icon of considerable craftiness, MacGyver. Now that the Saturday Night Live spoof MacGruber is here, we're finally getting more news on the project, though it's not what we, or frankly they, were expecting. In '09, New Line's Richard Brener said: "We think we're a stick of chewing gum, a paper clip, and an A-list writer away from a global franchise." Taking over a year to get to the next stage, obviously they were a few more paperclips away from a global franchise. But at least they've got a writer now. The only problem -- he's not the A-list name they were hoping for.

THR's Risky Business
reports that Jason Richman has been given the writing reigns on the project. While not exactly A-list, Richman has helped pen Bad Company and Swing Vote, and recently adapted Nic Cage's Bangkok Dangerous. Obviously, he's got some experience with action and laughs. But they're the sort of films that do moderately -- 5-6 out of 10 type fare.

Personally, I'm torn. When news hit, I was excited. MacGyver is the sort of premise that would do really well on the big screen if done right. Get one crafty and charismatic actor (not the usual Worthington/Channing mix), one really funny and action-packed script, and there's no reason the flick couldn't be huge. But if it becomes the type of film that's merely okay, well, that just doesn't seem worth the effort of replacing Richard Dean Anderson and our '80s memories. Thoughts?
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