The Cannes film festival isn't exactly known for being great champions of the horror genre, but every year at least one or two titles rise to acclaim at the festival. It looks like the one worth putting on your radar this year is Rubber, Quentin Dupieux' film about a tire that kills humans using telepathic powers after witnessing his family and friends burn in a tire fire at the hands of a human. Yes, you read that correctly, but I'll type it again just so it sinks in: Rubber is about a tire that kills humans using telepathic powers.

Magnet Releasing caught the film during its Cannes Critics' Week screening and saw fit to acquire the film for US distribution. They haven't selected a release date for the film yet, but Magnet aren't known for sitting on films, so I'm sure they'll be putting Rubber in front of audiences before year's end. And though there are no fixed plans yet, I'll bet that if you want to see the film sooner rather than later, this is the perfect kind of film to play Fantastic Fest.

Check out the Rubber teaser below.
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