Megan Fox officially out of 'Transformers 3'Yesterday I told you about the rumors that Megan Fox was out of 'Transformers 3.' Well, I've got an update for you on whether or not there is any truth to the rumors and what Megan (or at least her people) had to say about it. Vote in the poll after the jump and let me know who you think should replace her. And damn, there are a lot of candidates! (Source: People, Ain't It Cool)

I know, I know. The kids from everyone's favorite wizard films are not children anymore. (Case in point: Emma Watson, who just booked her first adult role. Watch the video to see what I mean!) And if I forget, they've given me plenty of ways to remind myself. I'll let you know what one of them is doing to make my brain hurt. (Source: Variety) Check out the video and vote in the poll after the jump.