This week's announcements include organ selling, a head in a box, and a naked Christina Ricci. Just everything a growing boy needs. First off, if you want to see what all the fuss was about when Kevin Smith created a Twitter war against film critics you can judge Cop Outfor yourself when Warner Bros. releases in on July 20. The Blu-ray of the film, ominously entitled the "Rock Out With Your Glock Out Edition," will feature a "maximum comedy mode" which hopefully will feature more laughs than the film itself. One can only assume that either the "walk-ons by Kevin Smith" or the picture-in-picture commentary by Smith and Seann William Scott will be quite entertaining, as the extras on his home editions always are. There are also 40 minutes of extended scenes and outtakes as well as facts and trivia about the buddy cop films that served as inspiration. The DVD-only version will just include the deleted scenes.

A week later, Universal will release another spring disappointment in Repo Men. The $13 million grosser arrives on July 27 with an Unrated version of the film on both DVD and Blu-ray that clocks in about seven minutes longer than the theatrical edition which is also included. On August 10, Fox will release the Bollywood epic, My Name Is Khan, on DVD only, but if you want a more homegrown songbird then Disney gives us Miley Cyrus in her first non-Hannah Montana role in the 6,000th Nicholas Sparks adaptation in recent years, The Last Songon both DVD & Blu August 17.

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