Even for a group of people who perhaps deservedly feel compelled to champion their continued relevance, if not importance, there are few things that film critics and entertainment journalists like to talk about more than themselves. But in the last few weeks there's been a preponderance of goings-on in internet journalism and film criticism that is troubling at a deeper, and considerably more important level: it's not just that people are stealing more than ever, it's that those people are trying to justify it.

Although plagiarism is hardly a new problem for journalists, much less those who write primarily for the internet, recent events have highlighted both the internet's vast reservoir of content people can steal from, and its remarkable penchant for self-policing.

A few weeks ago, an English "critic" named Tom Perkins who records video reviews was caught repeating the verbatim text of an Iron Man 2 review which was written by Joblo critic Jimmy O. Although he initially denied the claims, evidence produced by a pile-on of other writers got his outlet to dump him and his content, and eventually forced him to confess his transgressions, if only in the name of preserving a semblance of a career.
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