I've never been to the San Diego Comic Convention. I love the allure of it and I love reading about everything that happens at it every year, but I do not love the idea of being herded through waiting lines like cattle. It's one of those kind of experiences where everyone who goes attests to how miserable it all is, but that it's totally worth it. Maybe one day I'll find out for myself, but in the mean time I think my best bet for experiencing the geek mecca will be a new documentary called Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope.

Stan Lee, Joss Whedon, Morgan Spurlock and Harry Knowles (founder of Ain't It Cool News) are all teaming up with Thomas Tull of Legendary Pictures to create the documentary about seven geeks on their way to and during Comic-Con. AICN tells us that the seven subjects haven't been chosen yet, either, so if you want a shot at geek fame, keep your eyes peeled to AICN for news on how to apply to be one of the seven.

Personally, I think this is tremendous news. I can't imagine a better quartet to explore the Comic-Con experience, though I am a little surprised that con-staple Kevin Smith isn't involved. I also can't imagine a better studio than Legendary Pictures, makers of The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, and Watchmen, to produce the film. For me, A Fan's Hope just became one of the most curious films set for 2011.
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