In 1996, I went to Lollapalooza at Randall's Island, NY to see a lineup that included Soundgarden, Metallica, The Ramones and Wu-Tang Clan. One of the lesser-known, but equally enthralling, acts on the bill were the Shaolin Monks, a group of Buddhist Monks known primarily for their acrobatic style of martial arts and seemingly inhuman threshold for pain. Watching the monks was mesmerizing; a mix of graceful beauty and "How-can-they-stand-a-metal-pole-pounding-against-their-back?" bemusement.

So when we heard that SnagFilms posted 'Little Shaolin Monks,' a documentary detailing the lives of the group's pre-teen subset, we had to watch immediately. The film documents the lives of the kids, age 6 to 12, and the strenuous and disciplined training process they must endure daily (which includes strict diet, prayer sessions, and countless hours of martial arts training).
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