Celeb Sightings:Rachel Bilson seems to have found a faux tuxedo clip-on for her tank top as she poses with Ryan Gosling. So is that thing cool as long as it's not on a tee? In more fund-raisey news with a side of feathers, amFAR whipped up a ball during the festival, which resulted in some wild, floofy duds on the likes of Elizabeth Banks, J Lo, and Mischa Barton. On the plus side, $6.7 million was raised to fight AIDS. The lovely Kristin Scott Thomas, meanwhile, smiles for a close-up and nic-fitters light up on the red carpet.

Though a warrant was issued for her arrest after that whole passport thing, once again, Lindsay Lohan sneaks her way out of trouble. But her news gets completely trumped by the gay man who magically goes straight for the love of a woman while at Cannes. And last but not least -- Happy Birthday to Naomi Campbell, who is celebrating the big 4-0 during the festival.

Deals:Deadline reports that Brett Ratner's Kites will fly across international screens while High Point Media gets decent money for The Be All And End All -- a flick about a young, terminally-ill boy who wants to have sex before he dies. IFC, meanwhile, grabbed the rights to Kaboom and We Are What We Are, and Sony Classics digs into Of Gods and Men.
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