If there's one thing Paul Verhoeven's Robocop isn't, it's subtle. From its obvious commentary on American culture (it seems almost sadly prophetic in predicting how bad things would eventually get economically in Detroit), religious symbolism, and over-the-top violence -- which initially earned the film an X-rating -- Robocop isn't really interested in exploring the finer nuances of deep issues. This isn't a slight to the film at all -- in fact, it's what makes it a perfect summer movie. It's fun, action-packed and paints its social commentary in the broadest brushstrokes possible so that audiences don't have to waste too much time thinking when they could be watching Peter Weller shoot bad guys instead.

With that in mind, I decided to do a Summer Scenes We Love piece celebrating one of Robocop's finest moments. I usually try to find a scene that's entertaining, but not too obvious when it comes to these articles -- but with Robocop that seems like missing the point. So, I decided to go in a different direction and pick one of the film's most memorable sequences to talk about instead: The ED-209 boardroom malfunction scene.

I love this particular part of Robocop for a lot of reasons: it's unrepentantly violent, it has a current of pitch-black humor running through it, it features some foreshadowing and subtextual commentary and best of all, it has a great last line. Whenever people talk about Robocop this is one of the first scenes that springs to mind -- and with good reason, because it's classic.