We here at Cinematical love to highlight a Free Flick of the Day because, well, we like movies and we like free things. It's kind of a no-brainer, really. Well, I just stumbled across a treasure trove of free films: Hulu.com is now hosting twenty-three of Troma Entertainment's finest films online for all to enjoy. And by all, I mean people who have an IP address originating from the United States.

Now I realize that not everyone considers classic Troma films to be a "treasure trove", but for those of us who have a soft spot for Lloyd Kaufman and the special brand of crazy, low-budget films his company has made in the last three decades, this is indeed a bounty. I actually haven't seen very many Troma films myself, so what I plan on doing is just closing my eyes, spinning around three times in my office chair, and pointing at my monitor. Whatever title my finger lands on, that's what I'm watching. Here's to hoping I hit big with Surf Nazis Must Die.

Check out the lineup of all twenty-three films below with links to each of their corresponding pages. Or head straight to Hulu's Troma page to join me in a game of Troma Roulette.
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