I love that horror cinema has gone global. It seems like not a day goes by now where we don't hear about a new horror film from somewhere well outside of Hollywood. Even more interesting is that many of these films are coming from countries not particularly known for making genre films in the first place.

Take, for example, the Netherlands. Few people think of the Netherlands when horror films from abroad come up, but that may change with the release of Elbert van Strien's Two Eyes Staring (Zwart Water). A subtitled trailer turned up at various online outlets yesterday and it's looking pretty good.

The story revolves around a nine-year-old who learns her new best friend is really the ghost of her mother's dead twin. If that weren't freaky enough, father and daughter then learn that mom's hiding a dark secret -- one the synopsis says comes with "terrible consequences." I can only imagine what it might be...

Two Eyes Staring looks like a standard ghost film, sort of a Netherlands take on a lot of the recent girl ghost flicks that emanated from Asia or last year's dreadful The Unborn. I'm not a huge fan of those movies in general, but this trailer seems to indicate that van Strien's film is well made and shot quite nicely, so maybe it will transcend the tired subject matter.

There's no word on when we might get a chance to see this one for ourselves, but you can take a peek at the trailer after the jump.
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