We've introduced Open Forum over the past few weeks to help share the wealth of opinions that our staff has about the latest releases (after all, we tend to go by Highlander rules when it comes to our theatrical reviews -- THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE). Of course, we want you to chime in as well, because we don't limit our comments to one. That'd just be silly, and we're never silly here at Cinematical.

So, for starters, let's hear some thoughts on...

Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter -- Money Never Sleeps 3D

"Closes out the Shrek franchise (we hope) on a surprisingly strong note. Minimizing the stale pop-culture jokes and gags that made the previous entries barely tolerable, Shrek Forever After takes the title character on an emotional journey to rediscover the important things in life. Schmaltzy? Yes, but also surprisingly heartfelt and, better yet, unironic." --Mel Valentin