The internet is absolutely insane. In between the news, social media and delightful pictures of otters being tickled, you often come across things that make you wish the internet never existed. And in between that you have videos like Tma, Svetlo, Tma, a 1989 Czech short film that translates to "Darkness, Light, Darkness."

Created by Czech surrealist artist Jan Svankmajer, the film follows a pair of clay arms and hands, seemingly trapped inside a room with a solitary window, a hanging light and two doors. As the film progresses we're greeted with other body parts, the inclusion and actions of which would do well in a Tool video. I don't want to spoil what happens, but let's just say there's a scene at the end that could be deemed not safe for work.

A closer look at Svankmajer's work reveals far more than just creepy surrealistic short films. He's the director of over two dozen shorts and is currently working on his sixth feature length film titled Surviving Life (Theory and Practice). His influence is seen in the works of Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, and stop-motion auteurs The Brothers Quay. After giving Tma, Svetlo, Tma a whirl, check out the rest of his films, the majority of which can be found on YouTube.

The internet: bringing us the best in nightmare-inducing short films about claymation body parts. Special thanks to reddit for bringing this to my attention.
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