Hey, Lost fans, I know your beloved show has come to an end, and you need something to fill the Lost-sized void in your heart. I know this because I felt the exact same way when Silver Spoons was taken off the air. My life continues to have no real direction.

But, there's hope for you! There's no reason Lost really has to end -- not while there's still a mountain of merchandise that you have yet to own. Case in point -- this set of limited edition Lost art prints (only 100 of each one) from Bernard Gumz and Scabfarm. Do you own them? Not yet? Then click here and get crackin'. If you order all six, Gumz will thrown in a special super-rare Daniel Faraday print (only twenty-five Faraday prints were made). Yes, I'm being a total shill, but these things are awesome, and I'm not even a fan of the show.

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