As many horror fans are well aware, this week sees the release of Lucio Fulci's City of the Living Dead on Blu-ray. What they may NOT know is that it's also seeing a UK Blu-ray release courtesy of Arrow Video and sadly the two releases are not created equal. Word on the street is that Arrow teamed up with Blue Underground to pay for the high definition transfer, so video and hopefully audio quality should be identical between the two releases. While Blue Undergound has a great reputation for putting a lot of time and effort into releasing genre titles here in the States, it looks like Arrow has really pulled out all the stops on this one.

In addition to including both a Blu-ray and a DVD copy of the film, the Arrow version also includes 4 different sleeve options so you can pick the cover art you like best, a double-sided poster, a collector's booklet and a set of 6 original poster art post cards as well as some special features including an audio commentary that appear to be exclusive to this UK release. Now that's impressive! No word yet on whether the Arrow disc is free or region locked as it just came out yesterday.

Look for a full run-down of both discs (with confirmed region code status) here on Horror Squad soon!
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