With Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazineresurrected and their own convention on the way, it's not surprising that a distributor took notice and set out to bring some famous monsters to the big screen (well, at least your TV screen ... ). Halcyon International Pictures (Re-Animator, Bride of Re-Animator) has teamed up with the monster mavens to bring forth a series of creature features featuring five of horror's most iconic baddies in what they're calling, Famous Monsters of Filmland: Reboot.

Monster madness will be in full swing with these low budget lovelies currently in production: Dracula: Reborn, Mummy: Resurrected, Frankenstein: Regenerated, Werewolf: Rebellion and Creature: Returns. No other distribution info is available at this time but Halcyon did dish up some promo art and a trailer which you can check out over here. The company hasn't confirmed if this is just a promo reel or actual footage from the movies (which may explain why some of the art looks like your boozy Uncle Bill gussied up in Halloween makeup), so bite your tongue until we get the final word from Halcyon and let's keep our fingers crossed for some fun monster flicks.
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