I'm really starting to love IFC Films. After picking up the likes of The Good, The Bad, The Weird, AntiChrist, Pontypool and a whole host of outstanding non-genre films, I'm willing to consider their purchase of a film a seal of endorsement. That's why I'm suddenly excited about Jorge Michel Grau's We Are What We Are, a film I really knew nothing about prior to IFC Films' announcement that they've picked it up as part of their IFC Midnight label.

Continuing the recent trend of distributors picking up films but not planting down release dates, We Are What We Are is currently undated, but we do have an official synopsis and trailer thanks to Dread Central: "A middle-aged man dies in the street, leaving his widow and three sons destitute. The devastated family is confronted not only with his loss but with a terrible challenge - how to survive. For they are cannibals. They have always existed on a diet of human flesh consumed in bloody ritual ceremonies... and the victims have always been provided by the father. Now that he is gone, who will hunt? Who will lead them? How will they slake their horrific hunger? The task falls to the eldest son, Alfredo, a teenage misfit who seems far from ready to accept the challenge... But without human meat the family will die.

Shocking, bloody, and deeply moving, We Are What We Are is a remarkable reinvention of the horror genre - a visceral and powerfully emotional portrait of a family bound by a terrible secret hunger and driven by monstrous appetites."
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