In honor of Mystery Team's release on DVD May 25th, Cinematical was given the opportunity to interview three of the five members of Derrick Comedy who made the brilliant independent comedy: Dominic Dierkes, Donald Glover, and D.C. Pierson. I'm particularly interested in the group's rise from being simple producers of short comedy sketches on the Internet to feature film makers and regular contributors to great TV shows like Community and 30 Rock, so there's plenty of talk about carving out a place in the comedy business early on.

However, as you'd expect from a trio who wrote and starred in a film about three friends whose inability to give up their childhood detective agency results in them getting way over their collective head while investigating a double homicide, things get a little kooky as the interview goes on. You should also be warned that some of the material toward the end, namely their pleas that I worship their demonic muse and talk of a certain sex act, may offend the young and the elderly.

Cinematical: How are you guys doing?

Dominic Dierkes: We're doing good.

Donald Glover: We're doing great.

D.C. Pierson: Actually, we're just disembodied voices floating in a void, so if you know how we could get back into physical forms, that would be great.

DD: D.C., he just wants to talk about the movie, don't bother him with our existential problems.