Star Wars PancakesJust when you thought there was absolutely no other way George Lucas could license his beloved Star Wars franchise, Williams Sonoma comes out with these pancake molds in the shapes of the characters. Three are available in the shapes of Darth Vader, Yoda and the classic Imperial Stormtrooper head.

Who wouldn't enjoy ripping a chunk of the head of Darth Vader out with his teeth? One can only presume this set is aimed at adults, because even slightly older children would have no idea what a traditional Imperial Stormtrooper looks like unless their geek parents forced them to sit and watch the original trilogy.

Star Wars fans, enjoy your pancakes. You can eat them while either lying in your Tauntaun sleeping bag or just lounging around on your Wampa rug while eating cookies from the Death Star cookie jar. Okay, maybe the pancake molds aren't that big of a surprise after all.
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