The poll question assumes that you didn't see MacGruber, but we think that's a pretty safe bet. As we discussed earlier today, it opened to just $4.1 million at the box office. Among films opening on more than 2,500 screens, that's the worst debut since The Rocker, in August 2008. Remember The Rocker? Exactly.

On one hand, the movie's failure is a little puzzling. Saturday Night Live may or may not be as good as it was when you were in high school and college (those were the "best years": whenever you, personally, were 18-24 years old), but it continues to be a significant part of pop culture. The average episode gets about 9 million viewers -- more than any of NBC's Thursday night comedies, for example. If SNL were a prime-time show, it would be in the top 40 in the Nielsen ratings. You'd think a movie spun off from a currently popular TV series would be able to promote itself well enough to get people into the cinemas.

But on the other hand, SNL's history with movies is notorious. Movies starring SNL alumni: often great. Movies based on actual SNL characters: almost always terrible. The few exceptions show that it's possible to make a good SNL-based film, but for some reason it rarely turns out that way. So it's understandable if viewers were wary of MacGruber, even if the last SNL debacle, The Ladies Man, was a decade ago. Some wounds never heal.
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