Our friends at FEARnet have a few solid offerings this month -- Black Water, The Children, Maximum Overdrive, and no less than four Toxic Avenger misadventures -- I was struck by a dash of enthusiasm when I saw that their centerpiece flick of the month was (and still is) Peter Jackson's insane classic from 1992, Dead Alive.

Also known as Braindead, it's the manic tale of a poor schlub whose mom gets bitten by a diseased Sumatran rat-monkey, thereby unleashing a zombie plague that's easily one of the most gorily entertaining I've ever witnessed. Those who know Mr. Jackson only from his Tolkien adaptations and King Kong mega-remakes may be stunned to notice how energetic, witty, and over-the-top splattery his early work was. (If you want to go back even further, try Bad Taste or Meet the Feebles. True lunacy.)

Anyway, if you've never seen Dead Alive / Braindead, now you have no excuse: FEARnet's streaming it free of charge. I may actually do it through my cable box, but personally, I'm pretty excited to revisit this one. It's been way too long.
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