Russell Brand in The first time I interviewed Russell Brand, he sang me a song about cats having sex. This time? Well, you have got to watch! I was lucky enough to fly to London to interview the star of 'Get Him to the Greek.' In the film, Brand revisits his character from 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall.' And this time, rock star Aldous Snow is off the wagon and possibly hitting the 'Greatest Hits' point in his career. Jonah Hill plays a young record executive who has 72 to get Aldous from London to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles for a concert that might just revive his career. But getting a drugged up rock star half way across the world isn't exactly easy.

Brand talks about the difference between kissing 'Sarah Marshall' costar Kristen Bell and 'Greek' costar Hill, the very strange thing he would have in his contract if he were a rock star, and...oh just watch. There is really no way I can describe it without getting in trouble. And take a look at my Moviefone Minute with the best of the London interviews. Check out the video after the jump.