Although it might not seem like a "summer movie" at first glance, I don't really care. It came out in early June of 1987, so there. Summer movie. And while The Untouchables (written by David Mamet, directed by Brian De Palma) is hardly wall-to-wall mayhem, I think it still qualifies as an action film. One that happens to have half a brain and dresses really nice, but an action film all the same. Plus it has Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia, and Patricia Clarkson. Those are all big-time summer movie stars, right?

By now we've all seen and (hopefully) enjoyed this fine film (heck, our own Eric D. Snider even did a little piece on it last year), but for my choice of a "summer scene we love" has got to be ... that baseball bat to the head. Nope. The masterful train station scene that I didn't at first recognize as a Battleship Potemkin homage because I was only a kid in 1987? Nope, although that is pretty awesome. Is it Frank Nitti's final scene, or the great action scene with the Mounties, or something warm and wise from Sean Connery? Charles Martin Smith in the elevator?

None of those. It's just this: the opening credits. Enjoy.
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