(This will completely spoil the final episode of
Lost. If you haven't watched it yet, turn back now.)

It's Over

Lost is over.

For six years, we've watched the increasingly fantastic/ridiculous adventures of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. We've watched them search for water, hunt boar and learn to trust each other. We've also watched them face down a raging monster made out of smoke, discover a network of hatches built by the mysterious Dharma Initiative and find themselves in the middle of a centuries-long showdown between two immortal entities.

It's been a ride. However, was it a ride worth taking? Lost has always been a frustrating show, opening every possible door to parody by continually introducing new mysteries without solving old ones and ensuring that characters never ask the right questions and get the proper answers.

And that takes us to the final episode, accurately titled "The End." The Man in Black, having taken on the guise of the long-dead John Locke, plans to use Desmond's bizarre resistance to electromagnetism to destroy the island. Jack has taken over on the role of island protector after a campfire conversation with Jacob's ghost. And, as usual, no one knows anything.
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