In Christopher Campbell's Trailer Park over the weekend, he briefly mentioned the trailer for the new indie, Barney's Version. But it's more than just "another showcase for sad sack Paul Giamatti," and an opportunity to glimpse Minnie Driver. This is the reason Rachelle Lefevre was ousted from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. If you recall, the actress didn't keep her calendar straight and booked the indie film, which started production on the same day as part 3 of the Twilight franchise. Bryce Dallas Howard was immediately brought in as a replacement, Lefevre was pissed, and there was a bit of a public battle.

Now the teaser trailer for the film that took her away from the blockbuster has been released. On paper, it sounds like a good deal -- she gave up a lucrative franchise, for sure, but replaced it with a film that boasts Paul Giamatti, Minnie Driver, Dustin Hoffman, and others. As far as her career goes, it should give her more cred than the oft-ridiculed teen vampire series. But taking a look at the trailer, as one of Giamatti's three wives, she gets to marry the actor, but doesn't utter one single word in the trailer. If the trailer is to be believed, she's just a marriage casualty in the story of a bunch of other people. (Unless the final trailer reveals more...) In Eclipse, however, she gets to play the mourning and ready-for-payback Victoria, wreaking havoc on Seattle, attacking Edward and Bella, and trying to avenge vampire James' death.

Rachelle Lefevre: Possible cred v. screen time in sparkly romance. Check out the trailer after the jump and weigh in below: Do you think she made the right choice?