The Shrek franchise -- which has by now grossed over a billion dollars domestically -- made another splash at the box office this weekend, though not as emphatically as the last two outings. I doubt anyone will complain about Shrek Forever After's $71 million opening, but it is some $50 million less than Shrek the Third's and around $40 million less than overall series champ Shrek 2's. The fourth film will almost certainly be the lowest-grossing in the franchise, which I think may be suffering from good, old-fashioned audience fatigue. (That Shrek the Third played a bit like a sitcom, albeit a funny one, probably didn't help.) The movie does look like it will end How to Train Your Dragon's tremendous run, as the new competition finally made that film drop like a stone in its ninth week of release.

Iron Man 2 fell to second place with $26 million; it doesn't look like it will have the staying power of the first film, though it is still running ahead after three weeks. Holding up quite well was Letters to Juliet, which will shortly become Summit Entertainment's second-highest non-Twilight release ever.

What to say about MacGruber? Maybe it was its presence at SXSW that made the film (which is quite bad, really) a bigger deal in my eyes than it really was. $4.1 million is stunningly weak even for a Saturday Night Live movie -- for some perspective, MacGruber got beaten out by the likes of Superstar and A Night at the Roxbury, which both opened to more than twice as much back in the late '90s. I guess the notion of a movie made from the sketch (which never lasted more than a few seconds -- understandable, since its only joke was the title character's incompetence) struck even fans as incredibly dumb.

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