Thankfully, I love my job (are you listening AOL?) -- so it's never a chore to wake up in the morning and get work done. But, I have been in the position of dreading the alarm clock and heading into the daily grind where coffee breaks are your only salvation and meetings feel like medieval torture. So, what's the solution? One company says robots!

Meet QB from Anybots, who is willing to sit through those dreaded meetings for you. He's like a head on wheels, with two big peepers and a giant forehead -- all of which acts like a video conferencing system that you can remotely drive around via your computer's keyboard. It's a great tool for companies with employees in different parts of the world and will only run you a measly $15,000 clams. The robots are headed into production as you read this and will be available for purchase this fall.

Personally, if I'm going to shell out that much for a robot I'd like it to be able to wash my dishes, paint my nails and tell me I'm pretty. For now, I'll just have to keep a harem of boyfriends around.

Check out QB in action after the jump!
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