Although there have been a lot of awful movies released this year, the one I probably hated the most was The Wolfman. Whether you want to attribute it to Joe Johnston's inheritance of the material at the eleventh hour or just the incongruous combination of classic horror tropes and a CGI culture, the film was a disaster from start to finish. All of which, of course, begs the question why I would willingly subject myself to watching the film a second time in an even longer version.

But the truth is that no matter how much I dislike something, I never have it out for a film or filmmaker, and am always open to the possibility there are redeeming qualities in any film. And while Universal Studios Home Entertainment's new Blu-ray, featuring an "unrated Director's Cut" in addition to a deluge of behind-the-scenes bonus materials, hardly transforms the film into something new or significantly better, I was gratified to discover that the longer version at least suggests at the haunting thrills what this film could have become, rather than drowning in the infinite possibilities of what it absolutely was not.