If you don't mind living in a house where six people were shot and killed, but has major genre cred -- gather your $1.15 million, because you're moving into the Long Island home that inspired true terror in the heart of the Lutz family, The Amityville Horror house.

Most of us know the story by now, but in 1974 the eldest son in the DeFeo family went crazy pants and killed his family inside their Dutch Colonial style home. The following year, the Lutz family moved in -- thinking they got a deal on the home for $80,000 -- but started experiencing demonic mojo and ended up moving out 28 days later. Thus, the Amityville franchise was born: books, movies and much finger pointing ensued whenever one saw a house that looked like the DeFeo/Lutz home, with its familiar gambrel roof and two windows that resembled "eyes."

If you're worried that creepy, goth kids will stalk you in your new home -- have no fear! The people who moved in after the Lutz family fled the scene changed the address from 112 Ocean Avenue to 108 Ocean Avenue to avoid gawkers and weirdos. The family lived in the house for a decade and told reporters, "Nothing weird ever happened, except for people coming by because of the book and the movie." And if you're worried about Ronald DeFeo returning to relive his murderous past -- no worries. He's sitting in a jail cell, serving 25 years to life for the murders.

Oodles of info on the home and its evil past can be found over at The Daily Mail.
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