The victims seem to be lining up nicely for the planned fourth installment of Scream. According to our friends at Shock Till You Drop, Lake Bell is in negotiations to add her pretty little name to the opening credits. The scuttlebutt is that she would play a police officer who attended Sydney's high school. Lake has managed to dodge my radar screen by being in a slew of films in which I had absolutely no interest: Over Her Dead Body, It's Complicated, and What Happens in Vegas. If that doesn't sound like a parade of winners...that's probably pretty apt.

But what does interest me is her character description; seems a little forthcoming despite not being much of anything. Think about it, the cop from Syd's home town, cute girl in uniform, and the red herring of serving and protecting?! I'm calling it right now, she will be the killer! Maybe not Lake, but the character will be the perpetrator. And now that I've said that, Kevin Williamson has changed the script so...never mind.

This news adds to the rumor mill that, as reported by Heat Vision, Rory Culkin, Ashley Greene, and the seemingly indestructible Hayden Panettiere are also finalizing deals to get themselves hacked and slashed. Apparently Greene will be Sydney's cousin, Culkin a potential boyfriend type for Greene, and Panettiere will play a film geek. A hot, female geek? Now I'm listening Wes, now I'm listening.

For more details, hit up STYD here. Scream 4 is set for an April 15, 2011 release.
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