Star Trek CologneIt is often a puzzle as to which franchise creates a greater number of bizarre licensed products, Star Trek or Star Wars. In this case, Star Trek gets another notch in this metaphorical belt as a new cologne has become available that is supposed to make men as irresistable as a shirtless Captain Kirk. It even says on the box you can "set phasers to stunning."

The green Orion Slave Girl hands hold the back of the shirtless (presumably) male with the Starfleet logo tattooed near his shoulder is a nice touch. What does an actual shirtless Kirk smell like? Outwitting aliens all day must make one sweaty. Please put forth any theories you may have in the comments.

I sincerely hope the Star Trek fans that buy this product don't take the image literally. There are a lot of Trekkies that I simply do not want to see without a shirt on.
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