If you want the ultimate Survival of the Deadexperience, then viewing the film on VOD or at one of its limited theatrical engagements isn't going to be enough for you. Luckily, High Def Digestis reporting that Romero's latest zombie epic now has a Blu-ray date. Mark your calendars for August 24th, when the Ultimate Undead Edition will be available for sale at retailers across the country.

No word yet on what extras will be featured on this zombie extravaganza, but when you call something the Ultimate Undead Edition you can assume it's going to come packed with supplemental materials.

Romero's newest zombie offering is set to open theatrically next week. In it, the residents of an isolated island are of differing opinions on what to do when the dead come back to life. One group wants to kill the zombies, while the other wants to keep them alive in the hopes there may be a cure.

Check out the trailer after the jump. We'll bring you full details on what Survival of the Dead: Ultimate Undead Edition's extras will be once they're announced.
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