Still wondering which characters will show up in the Avengers movie? I'm now wondering instead if any of Hasbro's Marvel action figures will show up in a movie called Hasbro Factory, which Pajiba has learned is in development at Paramount. Pitched as Night at the Museumin a Hasbro factory, the project continues the nauseating trend of turning every toy and game property into a movie. The company responsible for whoring out Transformers, G.I. Joeand soon-to-be-films Battleshipand Micronauts, among many others, can now throw all their leftovers into a big summer blockbuster that's even more of just one big product placement than Mac and Me was.

But how this will be different than Toy Storyis beyond me. Especially considering the hit Pixar franchise features some Hasbro-made characters, like the Potato Heads, and other properties like Lite-Brite. I doubt Disney would want any overlapping, but I wonder if Paramount would mind in-house mining since they're making the thing. Will Hasbro Factory really be like the Avengers in that it could be a meeting place for characters from Transformers and G.I. Joe, only in smaller form? Might they also talk to Universal about borrowing future Stretch Armstrongstar Taylor Lautner? And who/what else might show up? Cabbage Patch Kids? Strawberry Shortcake? Star Wars characters? Potato Head Iron Man? Furby?
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