Cannes made me nervous.

I've covered a lot of film festivals over the past few years -- from Sundance to SXSW to Tribeca to Berlin -- and I usually know what to expect, how to dress, and what kind of folks I'd be running into. But even though we've covered the Cannes Film Festival for a number of years here at Cinematical, I never quite understood the festival or what it would be like to attend it. I'd heard legendary stories of films being booed or applauded for long stretches of time, and I'd seen images of this massive all-encompassing red carpet that looks as if it's about to swallow up whoever stands on it. So when Stella Artois, one of this year's festival partners, invited me out to get all up close and personal with the 2010 fest, I was a little hesitant because, well, Cannes made me nervous.

After something like 36 hours of flying, clubbing, movie-watching and celeb-spotting, I've finally returned to share some of my experiences with folks who, like me, have heard stories and seen pictures, but never really "got" the essence of this festival. What goes on there? Who attends? Is this some elite club that only lets Ferrari owners join in on all the fun? Well, no.

Okay, maybe. Nevertheless, here are six fun facts about the Cannes Film Festival from a newbie.
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