I'm a huge fan of the Alex Reads Twilight YouTube... series? webisodes? vlogs? ... in which a normal bloke from the UK (Alex) records his thoughts about Twilight, usually to hilarious results.

Yesterday Alex posted a high-level summary of Lost Seasons 1-6 using post-it notes. The video isn't particularly funny, but it serves as a great encapsulation of the show's overarching mythology. In fact, I'm about to send it to a co-worker who has never seen Lost and - despite my initial reluctance - forced me to "summarize Lost" for him in less than five minutes during lunch today. I ended up telling him pretty much what Alex says here, but Alex says it much better. I blame my lack of clarity on not having enough post-its.

Click through for the video, which obviously contains spoilers for how the show ends. (And seriously, if you haven't seen Alex Reads Twilight, check it out ASAP).
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