Our own Brad McHargue recently told you about this zombie energy drink (Peter Hall just purchased some and lived to tell about it), and now a Japanese snack company has invented Zombie Meat -- a blue jerky-like substance for zombie lovers everywhere!

Each package of Zombie Meat contains bite-sized chucks of tender, blue flesh -- delightfully aged to perfection at the graveyard. The morbid snack is really just chopped beef jerky that has been given a peppery flavor and dyed blue. You can pick up a bag in Japan for 399 yen ($4.50). I'm guessing that the insane Japanese candy shop in my city's Chinatown has a bag of this -- they also sell octopus and other fishy candy. Barf!

Vegetarians will have to make seitan jerky at home and dye it blue, which isn't as fun as eating real Smurfs.

[via Pink Tentacle]

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