As you guys and girls may already know, I fell hard for Best Worst Movie at SXSW '09 -- as did Elisabeth after that, not to mention Peter AND Brad over at Horror Squad -- and I'm happy to see the documentary garnering equal acclaim for its current theatrical run. (Seriously, it's not just movie geeks who love this documentary.)

Fortunately, BWM is just as easy to enjoy if you haven't seen the infamously awful Troll 2 (which you'll want to rectify as soon after you see this as possible, if not before), and we've got an exclusive clip below that demonstrates a mere fraction of the humiliation that the cast felt towards the film before it earned its solidified status as a cult phenomenon.

BWM just opened in New York and Los Angeles, with Salt Lake City and San Francisco next on the schedule. You can check out the official website for more info on just when and where the film is rolling out over the summer. It's a must-see for movie addicts, to say the least.