Epic MovieOh, Sweet Zombie Jesus. The film-makers (and I use the term loosely) behind such films as Epic Movie and Date Movie are now making a similar "untitled Vampire spoof movie" about one of my favorite genres. They've even managed to snag a release date for this coming August! They must be able to pump out this movie like gasoline, with similar toxic effects when inhaled.

Frankly, there are a lot of Vampire movies out there that are already comedies, like Vampire in Brooklyn or any of the Twilight movies. Given their filmography, my expectations for this one are suitably low. I may even be willing to catch it in the theaters, provided I don't actually have to pay money to get in.

It's a fair bet that whatever Misters Friedberg and Seltzer do it will probably make its money back and then some (ah, the business of show and the lack of sophistication of American tastes). But hey, if they want to mock the Twilight franchise, they may do so with my blessing.
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