When I moved to Austin about a year ago I sadly learned that FEARNet would no longer be part of my cable package. I'm not going to try to save face and lie to you, either; I cried a little bit. Is there really anything better than free OnDemand horror movies and shows? No, I submit there is not (then again, I haven't tried Zombie Meat). Fortunately, if you're in a FEARNet-less TV scenario like I am, you can always access all of their content directly from the web.

Starting on June 3rd, at that very website, you'll be able to catch FEARNet's new series, Mari-Kari. It's an animated horror comedy about a school girl, Mari, and the ghost of her identical twin, Kari. Shannen Doherty provides the voice for both Mari and Kari, the latter of whom uses her other-worldly powers to protect the former from the bullies at her school. And judging from the clip FEARNet gave us to premiere, I'm guessing most of that protection involves lots of blood letting. Check it out below.
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